Dubstep Siren


Pitch controls the pitch of the main oscillator, range is about 50Hz to 2Khz (without modulation and steps amount set to 0)
Pitch MOD modulation applied to the pitch
Pitch Mod switch selects between LFO (square wave or triangle wave) or A/D generator (voltage rises and falls with amplitude)

Steps As the steps value is increased the frequency steps lower in pitch
Steps mod Selects between square or triangle waveform from the LFO to automatically change the steps amount

Attack sets the time the voltage takes to reach its maximum value
Decay sets the time the voltage takes to drop to 0V
Repeat Once the attack and decay time have completed one cycle the A/D will automatically start again, becoming a sort of LFO (changing A/D settings changes wave‐shape)
Fire Manually starts the A/D sequence

LFO speed Sets the rate – speed of the LFO
LED flashes at the set rate

VCA level Controls the volume of the audio output
VCA Mod Select manual for a constant level or A/D for triggered tone bursts

CV / Trigger in  CV‐control voltage controls the main oscillators pitch –5v trigger starts the A/D sequence

Power: 9V DC negative center

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Additional information

Weight 390 g
Dimensions 126 × 100 × 51 mm

adhesive on aluminum

Current Draw

20 mA


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