Hypnotizer II


OSC1 and OSC2 can run as audio range generators or LFOs, gating (or not) OSC3 and OSC4
OSC3 and OSC4 run always in audio range
OSC5 and OSC6 are sucking current, which result in abnormal operation when STARVE pot resistance is not fully CW
OSC1 to 4 can be mixed via resistor or diode circuit,
OSC1 can be gated with external audio signal

Range Switch (OSC3 and OSC4 ) allows oscillation range change, so circuit can work as low frequency or high frequency oscillator

True Bypass
Power: 9V DC center negative

Current Draw: 3,8 mA

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Dimensions 122 × 140 × 54 mm
Current Draw

3,8 mA


adhesive on aluminum


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