Triple Booster


The Triple Booster provides 13 db of clean boost across the full frequency range, it also has a three position switch which allows the user to select a full-range level boost or to boost either the bass or treble range to change the tone of the instrument.

In the “Treble” position the Triple Booster produces an additional 12 db (25 db total) of boost in the treble range, while in the “Bass” position it boosts the bass range a total of 22 db.

The “Bass” and “Treble” positions operate by boosting the desired frequencies rather than cutting out the undesired ones. The Triple Booster also features a low Output Impedance to eliminate signal loss and hum pick-up in long cables.

True Bypass
Power: 9V DC center negative

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Additional information

Weight 204 g
Dimensions 117 × 71 × 51 mm

adhesive on aluminum

Current Draw

2,5 mA


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